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About our party

The California National Party seeks to build a stronger and more prosperous California through local political empowerment, protection of individual rights, and encouraging social responsibility to maintain a rational, respectful, peaceful, and sustainable society

Policy positions

Our Platform is based on solutions, not ideology, and is written by our members, not powerful, moneyed interests. As conditions change and we mature as a party, we will continue to develop our platform—giving YOU a chance to help shape California's future...

Party faq

Want to know more about who we are, what makes us different from other political parties, what are our goals, and how do we plan to achieve them? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions to learn the answers to these and other important questions.

What we want for California

Political and Economic Independence

Justice, healthcare, and education for all


Why Should California Secede from the United States?

  • California Values are NOT THE SAME as American Values
  • The American Government is TAKING AWAY the rights of Californians
  • U.S. Congressional leadership consistently FAILS to defend legislation that is in California’s best interest.
  • California PAYS MORE in taxes to the US Government than it gets back
  • California has LESS REPRESENTATION in Washington D.C. than smaller states
  • The United States is FREEFALLING into fascism, a direction California must not be allowed to follow
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Our Own Michael Loebs gets 25,000 votes for Governor — Now Let’s Register More Supporters!

A Pragmatic Alternative to an Imploding Nation

Tackling a Crisis at the Crossroads

CNP Calls for Alison Collins’ Resignation

Quick Reference Guide for Propositions

CNP Endorses Michael Loebs for Governor

A Brief Word On Russia-California, Articles With Suspicious Timing and Misconstructions of Fact

California Needs UBI

An Interview with Party Chair Michael Loebs

Biden Won, but Did California?

California Won’t Go Back!

Facing the Climate Crisis Part 1 (of 3), or “Greta Thunberg, This Decade is for you!”

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