A Brief Word On Russia-California, Articles With Suspicious Timing and Misconstructions of Fact

As some of you may or may have not seen, Charles Davis wrote in the Business Insider on Friday, July 29th an article stating that California Secession Movement Was Funded and Directed by Russian Intelligence Agents, US Government Alleges. Quite the terrifying and damning headline! Apparently to the United States Government or (perhaps Charles Davis who may be afflicted with a bad case of the exaggerates), a single Trump supporter now living in Arkansas who was one of several individuals who helped start an organization named Yes California, who ran “a California Embassy” out of a janitor’s closet in Moscow, and was allegedly given the princely sum of $500 to make noise outside of Jerry Brown’s office, was the insidious tool of the Kremlin AND INDEED THE ENTIRE CALIFORNIA SECESSION MOVEMENT.  Clearly a threat to the American way of life and the West in the same league as the Atomic spies, the Cambridge Five, or K-Pop.This individual who will not bother to name also got free air time on State Television, which aided Russian insomniacs to get some well-needed rest in the early morning hours. Nobody talks about some of the positives of this individual, but we are getting off tangent. This person is NOT the so-called California Secession Movement or its sole leader nor has he ever been. Whatever caper he pulled with the Russians to keep the lights on in his apartment is risible. One person alone is far from the operable definition of a ‘movement’. We are pretty sure the definition of a movement isn’t “single morally confused narcissist yells in public loudly”.It should be noted and stated that the so-called California secession movement as a whole is perhaps a whole lot larger than the three individuals in Yes California (currently without enough funds to have a functional website, you can try it yourself with some light googling—apparently the rubles got cut off somewhere).  There are many different organizations out there that believe in California being independent from the Federal Government; and the California National Party we represent is the biggest and longest lasting, with friendly ties with the Scottish National Party, which holds the majority of parliamentary seats in Scotland and is preparing for another Independence referendum in 2023. It should be noted that the California National Party severed any ties long ago with this single Trump supporter now living in Arkansas, and to state that one oddball running a Get Smart version of subversion with Russian agents with room temperature IQs is the entire secession movement is wildly untrue, insulting, leading, and indicative of the poor state of American journalism. Is Irvine Welsh, author of “Trainspotting”, who has a pre-recorded video segment at the upcoming California National Party convention in Santa Ana, is he a Russian stooge? Are working-class candidates for school board and city council fighting the Democratic entrenched machine in California, are they in on the plot? The veteran with two military tours in Afghanistan who helped gather signatures on his time off, is he KGB funded? The school teachers, the Reverend, they are all swimming in toilet paper valued Rubles to take out the USA?  The article says the whole California Secession Movement, so are we to guess the conspiracy is so insidious and so well-crafted that the Russians are playing telepathic chess by offering no support, no money, and oddly, allowing us to say this—Damn Vladimir Putin and his war in Ukraine, and the senseless violence and murders his paranoiac regime has inflicted on the people of Ukraine. NATO expansion should never have occurred, and the US defense industry is a sinkhole of corruption and ultraviolence, but to invade another country as a first resort speaks of criminality and callousness on a level beyond the pale. He used the excuse of Neo-Nazis in parts of the Ukraine military and the unbelievable generational trauma of World War Two to try and execute a land grab that backfired. To insinuate a Jewish President is secretly working with a new S.S. is as malevolent and stupid as a lie as Trump saying Joe Biden stole the election.We want a California that isn’t in favor of either Russia or the USA or China. We want a California that is free to fix the very real threats of climate change, healthcare costs, housing, and protect reproductive rights. That’s the real movement, and we aren’t getting any support other than the sweat and tears of our volunteers.At the Frida Cinema (305 E 4th St #100, Santa Ana, CA 9270) in downtown Santa Ana, we are having next Saturday (August 6th) the first in-person Convention since the pandemic, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Come and see what we are doing for Californians, and help us lodge a complaint with our KGB spymaster about how we are not getting free catering nor the Hilton reward points we were promised (just kidding, comrade).As one final note- perhaps we are a bigger threat to the American establishment that has run this nation into the ground in years. After all, one week from today is the Convention, and this article just happened to be published saying we are all funded by Moscow? If one was to put on their tinfoil hat, the timing of this publication is very interesting, no? Just one week away, and Business Insider among all others running with this sound bite, with all the important topics of the day, has to remind the public of some funny business with the “California Secession Movement”.

Hmmmmm…The Convention:
August 6th, 2022 (10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.)
Frida Cinema
305 E 4th St #100, Santa Ana, CA 92701